Schalkwijk / Govaert

Koen Schalkwijk - piano/wurlitzer

Onno Govaert - drums

Together, Koen Schalkwijk and Onno Govaert go off the deep end, ready to let the music materialize in the moment. Here, compositions by pianist Schalkwijk will function as a starting point, but are not a fixed route. Lambert is a collaboration between two musicians with a highly sensitive, improvisational quality. Be prepared for a musical adventure from minimalistic to gargantuan. From soft spherical sounds to postmodern rock grooves.

Photos by Jozua Dieleman and Henk ten Holt

Kika Sprangers Kwintet

Kika Sprangers - soprano/alto saxophone

Anna Serierse - vocals

Koen Schalkwijk - piano/wurlitzer

Alessandro Fongaro - double bass

Willem Romers - drums

Photo by Karen van Gilsd

Johan Plomp's Optophobia

Johan Plomp – double bass/compositions

Bart Wirtz – alto sax

Ian Cleaver – trumpet

Koen Schalkwijk – wurlitzer/syntheseizer

Pim Dros – drums

Photo by Patrice Borger


Alessandro Fongaro - bass guitar/vocals

Nicolò Ricci - tenor saxophone

Dario Trapani - guitar/effects

Koen Schalkwijk - wurlitzer/synths

Jimmi Hueting - drums/effects

Photo by Jozua Dieleman


Yanna Pelser - viola/vocals/compositions

Koen Schalkwijk - wurlitzer/piano

Jelle Roozenburg - bass guitar

Romain Bly - drums/trumpet/french horn

Ruud Voesten Ambrosia

Ruud Voesten - drums /compositions

Jesse Schilderink - tenor saxophone

Mo van der Does - alto saxophone

Koen Schalkwijk - piano/syntheseizer

Tijs Klaassen - double bass

Ilustration by Ruud Voesten